Toasted Onion

Toasted Onion

The Dehydrated Garlic & Onion Company is leading manufacturer, exporter, processor & supplier of Toasted Onion from India. Dehydrated Toasted onions are available in various forms & sizes that can be used in place of Fresh Onion to get the same taste and aroma.

We deploy the most advanced and latest technologies to ensure superior quality in all the phases of dehydration. Moreover, we use finest quality sorting machines to ensure that our dehydrated Toasted onion products do not possess any adulteration and impurities.

The Dehydrated Garlic & Onion Company export in USA, Germany, South Africa, Belgium, Finland, New Zealand, Cote D Ivoire, UK, Australia, Netherland, Cameroon, Nigeria, Canada, Estonia, Sweden, Israel, Russia, Brazil, Italy.

  • Names in different Language

Toasted Onion names in different Language

Country Name Name
Spanish Cebolla tostada
French Oignon grillé
German Geröstete Zwiebel
Roman Ceapa toastă
Swedish Rostade lök
Arabic حمص الخبز، بصل
Dutch Geroosterde ui
Italian Cipolla tostata
Portuguese Cebola torrada
Russian Поджаренный лук
Japanese トースト玉ねぎ
Finland Paahdettu sipuli
Georgian შემწვარიხახვი
Greek Ψημένο κρεμμύδι
Korean 구운양파
Vietnamese Củ hành
Turkish Kızarmış soğan
Thai หอมใหญ่
Sundanese toasted Bawang
Polish cebula
Philippines Toasted sibuyas
Indonesia Bawang panggang